Winnipeg Acropolis Building


With 7 strategic locations across Western Canada, our diverse asset-based warehouse network is uniquely positioned to serve our customers from all industries. Constructed to the highest AWSA standards, all Acropolis warehouses are equipped to store and handle dangerous goods of nearly all types – including pesticides and oxidizers. And with safety at the forefront of our storage facility design concepts, you can rest assured your product is being stored in good hands with Acropolis.

Modern Facilities Designed and Constructed with:

  • 100% Sprinkler Fire Suppression System
  • Independent Fire Compartments
  • Single Stage Fire Alarm System
  • Internal Concrete Containment
  • External Secondary Containment
  • Remotely Located from Sensitive Properties (ex: Hospital, Schools, etc.)
  • Air Exchange of 1 CFM/ft²
  • Monitored Electronic Security
  • Full Provincial Regulatory Approval

Discover the Acropolis difference by viewing each location’s unique features, then contact us today for a guided tour!

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Long Term/Short Term

At Acropolis Warehousing, we have numerous term options available to accommodate your storage and warehousing needs:

  • Multi Year
  • Annual
  • Month to Month
  • Daily – for project related needs

Regardless of the duration required, Acropolis has the people, resources, and flexibility to ensure a solution is delivered for our customers.


Product Storage

With accreditation and certification to store, handle, and distribute a multitude of goods in varying shapes and sizes, our service offerings are catered to a wide variety of product storage solutions:

Dangerous Goods Storage Chemical Industrial Storage Commercial & Retail Storage
Corrosive Polymers Hardware Agricultural Products
Flammable Lubricants Fittings Flooring
Oxidizer Oils Valves Displays
Toxic Grease Nuts & Bolts PPE
Hand Sanitizer Coatings Machinery Safety Materials
Pesticides Sealants Parts Packaging & Supplies
Inoculants Paint Heavy equipment Home and Garden
Batteries Water Treatment Racking & Shelving Recreational Goods
Acids Cleaners    

Industries Served

Rosenau Transport truck used for trucking services
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Resources
  • Retail
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality